Combined Spin Flanger / Beader SBV 1200

This machine has got 10 flanging heads and 12 beading heads and is very compact. The flanging station is working according to the well proven spin flanging principle, the beading station with an outside rail and inside mandrels. The machine can be used for the production of welded can bodies as well as for two-piece cans. It is of vertical design, very precise and thus best suitable for the use with very thin double reduced tinplate in DR quality.


PDF Booklet Combined Spin Flanger / Beader SBV 1200

Technical Data

              SBV 1200 and SBV 1202

diameter range

mm / inches

52-84 / 202-307

cut body height range

- flanging only

mm / inches

45-152 / 110-514

- flanging and beading

mm / inches

55-152 / 200-514

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